Welcome to Phrenotopia! A realm of endless possibilities, where our imagination can take us everywhere we’d like only tempered by the rigour of science and human knowledge. 

As the ruler of this land I gracefully allow you to take a peek into my realm to explore speculative science,  alternate history, alien biology, pop culture symbolism and more! So feel free to wander around the country-side and learn more about the topics that have always fascinated me, and hopefully you as well, such as: 

  • How would life evolve on other planets? 
  • And how plausible are the depictions of alien life forms in science fiction and games?  
  • How does popular culture stack up against science anyway? 
  • And could history have taken a different course if we changed the outcome of key events in the past? 
  • Does the story-telling of fantasy movies and shows reflect our mental processes in some way? 

You can enjoy all this and much more if you stay tuned and come back from time to time! In any case, I hope to see you back very soon!